Air Injection System Removal Kit


Kit for complete removal of AIS (sometimes incorrectly referred to as EGR valve) on Royal Enfield TWIN 650 Interceptor/Continental GT. Material of caps polished aluminium.

No modifications to the original parts are required for installation, only removal of the existing AIS (Air Injection System). Included are plugs, gaskets, fasteners and electronic AIS valve replacement.
For EURO4 models only (i.e. up to and including 2020), cannot be used on EURO5 models.

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Kit for removing the AIS (sometimes incorrectly referred to as EGR) valve and wiring. By sealing the ducts leading to the AIS valve with new caps, removing the complete ductwork and removing the AIS valve itself in the airbox, the engine cleanliness is increased, the connection between the exhaust ducts of each cylinder is broken and they stop pressurizing. Replacing the AIS valve with a replacement module implemented directly into the connector will further increase reliability (no moving parts) and save weight.

In addition to the optical effect, the polished surface of the caps improves the surface properties of the material. The AIS valve replacement is shaped like the original, almost eliminating the possibility of unwanted false air admission, and includes a connector to connect the original wiring harness.

Designed for EURO4 models (i.e. up to and including 2020). This kit cannot be used on EURO5 models (i.e. from 2021)!

Purely Czech production (including purchasing materials from Czech suppliers) with an emphasis on quality.

Sold as one set.

The AIS removal kit is self-developed!
The AIS valve closes/connects the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold and allows clean air to flow from the intake to the exhaust (and vice versa), reducing the concentration of exhalations in proportion to the total amount of exhaust gases and allowing fuel residue to burn off. This bureaucratic nonsense carries with it negatives such as fouling of the system with exhaust gases and thus limited lifetime (then the check engine light comes on and you have to go to the workshop for diagnostics).
The AIS removal kit is the next evolution of the AIS plugs, which by design eliminates the function of the intake and exhaust manifold connection. The solution also prevents individual cylinder pressures from influencing the exhaust manifold, which affects the quality of the fresh mixture filling the cylinders and idle stability, among other things. The elimination of “controlled” mixture burn-up in the exhaust (i.e. less spray into the exhaust, e.g. during deceleration) results in a smoother flow of gases in the exhaust manifold and thus a smoother transition from deceleration to acceleration.

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