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258 01, Vlasim
Czech Republic

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About Us

The piece production of motorcycle parts and accessories is our field of activity. Most of the parts sold here are coming from us – including design, prototype, tests and final modifications. We also sell other parts that are purchased, modified and offered here – see e.g. a battery charger. The goal of our modifications is that you are fully satisfied with our parts/accessories and they have a greater added value than if you “just” buy them in a shop.

Re-sold parts are also in our offer. However, we are not like 99.9 % of other shops. We, with a few exceptions, offer a set of products that has an added value for you. E.g. oils – our set consists of a canister with the right amount of oil, plus a quality branded oil filter and of course plus a seal under the drain plug. That means you only need tools to change the oil and you cannot find out in the middle of the action that you are missing something.

Motorbikes are our love. We ride classic bikes, and we also take part in the races on European circuit. Čezeta and Jawa were a good start line for us, followed by Royal Enfield 650 TWIN and Jawa 350 OHC. That definitely was a development step in the right direction, and that is why our e-shop sells most of the parts and accessories for these motorbikes.

We want the best not only for our motorcycles. That is the reason why our e-shop was founded – we believe there are many people with the same passion for motorbikes willing to take care of their machines with real love, proper care and maintenance.