Bike Battery Charger


Battery charger 6V and 12V, suitable for all standard battery types, except lithium.

Fully automatic, seven-stage charging mode, including subsequent switching to maintenance mode.

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The Geti CC04A 6/12V 4A charger (EMOS N1014) is particularly suitable for charging low-capacity batteries used in motorcycles, both 6V and 12V.

The Geti charger has been tested by us and comes with a waterproof connector to disconnect the connection pliers, plus you will receive a looped cable from us (with a waterproof cap on the connector) that you can leave permanently connected directly to the battery and charging will only consist of plugging in the charger connector.

Sold as one set (charger with connector, pliers with connector and eyelets with connector).

Technical description:
– Intelligent processor-controlled charger with seven charging stages, automatic battery detection according to 6V/12V voltage and moto/auto capacity.
– Charging voltage is automatically selected as 7.3V, 14.4V or 14.7V
– suitable for 6V/12V WET, MF, VRLA, Ca/Ca, AGM and Gel batteries
– charging current 0.8 – 4.0A ± 10%
– 1.2-120Ah batteries can be charged, optimum for 6-60Ah batteries (higher capacities take longer to charge, but do not reduce battery life)
– maintenance current 50 – 150 mA
– 1.2 -120Ah batteries can be maintained, optimum for 25-150Ah batteries (weaker batteries should not be left on maintenance current for long periods of time – i.e. days/weeks)
– overload, over-polarity and overheat protection

Instructions for download (in czech language).