Exhaust Pipes


Tuned exhaust pipes for Royal Enfield TWIN 650 Interceptor/Continental GT. Material stainless steel with polished/brushed finish.

Fits without modification on stock tailpipes with gaskets and also on JT-Moto, S&S, ZARD, Vintage-Garage, etc.

Sold as one set (pair), includes measurement report from engine brake and gasket between calipers and head.


The intakes are the same shape as the originals, including the threads for the lambda sensor and the bracket “under the footrest”, pipe diameter 45mm.
Does not include catalytic converter, no homologation.

Italian stainless steel, Czech production (including purchase of material from Czech suppliers) with emphasis on quality.

The exhaust clamps are of our own development!
We have developed calipers that, while fully retaining the original shapes, are significantly lighter, but most importantly do not restrict performance in any way. This is reflected not only on the power curve, but also on the torque curve and also on the sound of the exhaust system (compared with both the original tips, S&S and our JT tips). The weight saving is 2.8kg compared to the original tips. Note not only the increase in peak, but especially the smoothing of both curves and the elimination of dips!
On request, we can also supply without polishing/brushing, only in raw (matt) stainless steel. Polishing extends the delivery time.

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