Sports Air Filter


Sports air filter for Royal Enfield TWIN 650 Interceptor/Continental GT. Material – polyester.

Fits without modification to the stock intake, for installation it is advisable (not necessary) to also purchase our air filter holder.


Sport air filters allow for greater air flow through the filter while maintaining the quality of the filtered air. Sprint Filter P08 are made of polyester and therefore have higher precision filter holes unlike cotton filters, thus achieving a higher quality of filtered air. Other notable advantages include higher air permeability, easier and cheaper cleaning, and last but not least, water resistance.

Cleaning of polyester air filters is done only with compressed air, or you can use detergent. Compared to cotton filters, polyester filters do not need to be filled with oil after cleaning, but are used “dry” (like paper filters).

The sound of the engine did not change compared to the ballasted filter, the noise was not subjectively higher compared to the standard paper filter, only the sound was deeper.

The Sprint Filter is used in first production for example for Ducati, you can also find them in Moto GP.

We use the Sprint Filter P08 on the Royal Enfield motorcycles, of course, but also on the BMW S1000RR at track events.

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R-E 650 TWIN (Continental GT, Interceptor), R-E 350 (Classic Reborn, Hunter, Meteor)

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