Exhaust pipes


Tuned exhaust pipes for Royal Enfield TWIN 650 Interceptor/Continental GT. Material stainless steel material with polished or lightly brushed finish.

Version for 40mm muffler inlet can be used with original, JT-MOTO, S&S, Zard and V-G mufflers.
The 45mm muffler inlet version is suitable for most mufflers (including original) without graphite gaskets. The 45mm version cannot be used for V-G mufflers!

Sold as one set (pair), includes engine brake measurement log and gasket between the calipers and cylinder head.


The basic shape of the leads is the same as the originals, but compared to the original version of our leads, the inlet throat, flange and the entire first part of the lead have been completely redesigned, including the use of a decorative cooling nut – all to further increase power and torque.
No catalytic converter, no homologation.

Italian stainless steel, original Royal Enfield cooling nut, Czech made with an emphasis on quality.

The exhaust clamps are of our own development!
We have developed calipers that retain the basic original shapes, are significantly lighter, but most importantly do not restrict performance in any way. This not only affects the power curve, but also the torque curve and the sound of the exhaust system (compared to the original R-E, S&S and our JT-MOTO tips). The weight saving is 2.9kg compared to the original tips. Note not only the increase in peak, but especially the smoothing of both curves and the elimination of dips!

Additional information

Úprava povrchu

Leštěný povrch, Kartáčovaný povrch

Průměr vstupu do tlumiče

40mm, 45mm

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