Increase Springs Preload of Front Shock Absorbers


Spring preload pads for Royal Enfield TWIN 650 Interceptor/Continental GT. Material thick-walled aluminium.

Fits the bike without modification, the change is not visible from the outside. Differentiated by the thickness of the washers (increase of preload).

Sold as a pair of defined strength or as a set for chassis tuning.


Pads for increasing spring preload of front shock absorbers, material thick-walled aluminium.

Czech production (including purchase of material from Czech suppliers) with emphasis on quality and precision.

Sold as a pair of defined strength or as a set for chassis tuning:
– 10mm – slight increase in preload (suitable for loads up to 90kg), improved stability and response of the front wheel
– 15mm – moderate increase in preload (suitable for loads over 90kg), sportier wheel response
– 20mm – large increase in preload (suitable for loads over 120kg), racing wheel response

The spring preload boost washers are self-developed and improve the front fork behaviour when driving. In particular, the increase in preload improves readability and feedback from the front wheel, reducing front fork sway and dive. This is the first step of tuning the damping, where the follow-up steps may be to adjust the oil density or replace the springs with stronger ones.
When installing, we recommend using the original steel sealing washer between the aluminum fork bolt (plug) and washer to increase preload, but it is not necessary.

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10mm, 15mm, 20mm, Sada 10mm+15mm+20mm