Exhaust Mufflers


Tuned exhaust tips are universal. The outer shell material is heavily chrome plated iron sheet, the complete interior is food grade stainless steel.

Fits without modification on stock, and both our versions of JT pipes.

Sold as one set (pair), includes measurement report from engine brake.


The end caps are fully permeable, based on the principle of absorption damper and can be mounted on our JT clamps, as well as on original clamps (through the original seals, or through the demarcation washers). In case of use on our 45mm outlet clamps, it is not even necessary to use a sleeve to tighten the end cap (everything fits to the millimetre exactly and there is no underinflation).
Not homologated.

The outer casing of the end caps is a heavily chromed iron sheet, we were forced to use this semi-finished product from China because the production of our own stainless steel outer casing (although long planned) is running into production problems.
The inside of the mufflers are completely food grade stainless steel using a proprietary racing grade damping wadding designed for two cylinder engines – this ensures superior durability.
The end caps are removable (rivets) and therefore can be easily and inexpensively repaired (replacing the wadding with new).

The inside of the exhaust tips is of our own development!
Our tailpipes match the style of the machine beautifully and are significantly lighter than the originals. The tuning of the “guts” of the tailpipes was done mainly with regard to the resulting sound – tone, coloration, but also noise and the resulting expression not only at idle and steady speed, but also when accelerating, for example.
The tailpipes use the principle of absorption damping (i.e. “open” tailpipes), which do not resist the exhaust gases.

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