Exhaust Mufflers


Tuned exhaust tips for Royal Enfield TWIN 650 Interceptor/Continental GT. Stainless steel material with brushed finish.

Fits without modification on stock, and on our JT headers (fitted with original gasket).

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The end caps are fully penetrable, based on the principle of an absorption damper and can be fitted to both original and our JT leads.
Not homologated.

Purely Czech production (including purchase of materials from Czech suppliers) with emphasis on quality.

Sold as one set (pair), includes measurement report from engine brake.

Exhaust tips are of our own development!
We have developed tailpipes that match the style of the machine beautifully in appearance and are significantly lighter than the originals. In addition, they use the principle of absorption damping (i.e. “open” tailpipes), which do not resist the exhaust gases. In addition to the increase in power and torque, we also matched the resulting exhaust sound to both the original and our JT clamps. A removable dB killer is included to soften the sound of the twin cylinder.