Turn Rear Signal Bracket


Turn signal brackets for Royal Enfield TWIN 650 Interceptor/Continental GT, designed for mounting rear turn signals with M8 thread (13mm wrench nut) to the original nuts on the frame under the saddle. Material sheet steel, black matt comaxit.

Allows the turn signals to be mounted securely and visibly without the need to use the original tail light cover.

Sold as one set (pair).

In stock


Rear turn signal brackets with M8 thread (i.e. most often for 13mm wrench nut). The brackets are screwed into the original nuts on the frame under the seat, into which the handle behind the seat is fitted as standard (applies to both Interceptor and GT Continental). Due to the shape and color, the bracket is almost invisible, yet it is solid and the turn signals do not shake.

If you use LED turn signals, resistors must be used for the correct flashing frequency (not included in the bracket).

The brackets are designed to fit most turn signals so that they are mounted firmly, stably and the original tail light chapel (bracket) can be removed. Allows the use of turn signals with any thread length.

Note: LED turn signals are usually made of plastic or aluminium alloy, so use thread adhesive and do not force the nuts!