R-E Meteor 350 open air filter cover


Air filter holder for Royal Enfield 350cc (Classic, HNTR and Meteor). Material stainless steel.

Fits without modification on stock intake with original air filter, but also with polyester or cotton filters with higher air permeability, such as Sprint Filter, S&S, K&N, etc.

In stock (can be backordered)

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The air filter holder replaces the standard one. The engine has then much more air available, which is noticeable in the increase in power and torque from 2,900 rpm up to limiter. By subjective comparison with the original, there is no increase in noise, only a slightly deeper sound.

Due to the shape and design of the intake silencer in combination with the original underbody cover, it is impossible that the engine (e.g. in heavy rain) could suck water into the combustion chamber.

Purely Czech production (including purchase of materials from Czech suppliers) with emphasis on quality.

The air filter holders are of our own development!

We have developed and brake-tuned the holders, which do not restrict the air flow into the engine intake and ensure the correct pressure of the filter to the intake silencer, thus eliminating the possibility of false (unfiltered) air being sucked in. The difference is especially noticeable in the increase in torque and flattening of the power curve. Can be used on original paper filters as well as sport filters.

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