Chain Lubrication Adapter


Adapter to limit spray of chain cleaner/lubricant outside the chain itself. Material plastic.
Can be used for all standard motorcycle chains, i.e. sizes 520/252/530.


The adapter is designed to be placed on the chain cleaner/lubricant spray tube and thanks to it, the cleaner/lubricant gets significantly more on the chain (i.e. you save spray) than all around – on the rear rim or even on the tires.
It is designed to be attached to the sprayer vertically or lengthwise with the chain – it depends on what is more convenient for you and whether you use a tube on the sprayer or you attach the adapter directly to the sprayer. The adapter tube is conical, so it should work for all types of chain cleaning and/or lubrication sprays.

Purely Czech production (including the purchase of material from suppliers in the Czech Republic) with an emphasis on quality.

The adapter is of our own development!
We have developed an adapter, thanks to which you will no longer have to laboriously clean the rear fork, rim and entire tire after lubricating the chain – this will also save you the amount of spray needed to thoroughly clean/lubricate the chain.