Decorative cover for fuel pump (Jawa 350)


Decorative fuel pump cover for Jawa 350 OHC, OHC Scrambler and OHC Special.

Screwed over the original pump.

In stock (can be backordered)

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The original fuel pump in the tank is easily visible from the side of the tank, and in white colour is it “shines” – especially on the OHC and OHC Scrambler type, where modified original Jawa tanks are used and thus the pump is fully visible from the side.
The decorative cover is black and evokes the cooling fins.

The cover has enough clearance over the pump so that there is no risk of overheating even on really hot days; moreover, the cover is adapted to the use of any clips (either screw-on or just pull-off).

It mounts directly onto the fuel pump without any modification. For mounting, we recommend draining the tank and/or tilting the bike so that no fuel leaks out when the pump mounting bolts are removed.

The cover is self-developed; purely Czech production (including purchasing materials from Czech suppliers) with an emphasis on quality.