Decat, catalyst replacement (R-E 350)


Decat for Royal Enfield Meteor 350 with catalysator below the main stand. Stainless steel material, finely brushed surface (after assembly, the surface is not visible, so it looks great even with black downpipes). The holder with stoper of main stand is painted with black glossy powder paint.

The package contains a decat, a holder with stoper of main stand, a copper gasket, a stainless steel tightening sleeve and connecting material.

Sold as one set, includes a copy of the engine brake measurement report.

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By removing the catalyst, the sound of the engine will be significantly improved, power and torque will increase slightly, and you will also save a nice 2.75 kg on weight by installing it.

It is a purely Czech production!
Decat is self-developed!

We have developed a decat that is not visible from the outside (from the visible side, are original chrome/black downpipe and muffler covers). Of course, you don’t have to make any modifications to the original parts for assembly – you just mount and ride.
Full-through and shorter exhaust pipes will affect not only the sound of the engine, but also the power and the torque curves (in addition to the smooth increase in power, note in particular the smoothing of the dip and the peak between 2,700 rpm and 3,700 rpm). To increase the stability of the exhaust pipe, the Decat is approx. 5 cm longer than the original, but even so it is of course compatible with the original muffler (even the original R-E tuned muffler).
Decat is not homologated for use on roads.

In the photo gallery you can find a graph of the engine brake with using decat and open intake.

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R-E Meteor 350 (kat. v boxu pod hlavním stojanem), R-E Meteor 350 (kat. ve výfukové trubce pod stupačkou), R-E Classic 350

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