Fuel Filter B&S


Briggs & Stratton fuel filters, with guaranteed filtration properties.

The filters are made in Japan and are designed for fuel pump systems, so they are suitable for Jawa 350 OHC.

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Briggs & Stratton fuel filters are one of the few with guaranteed filtration properties.

We offer two types of filters:
– larger, with the ability to filter out contaminants over 20 microns.
– smaller, with the ability to filter impurities over 40 microns

Fuel pumps suck gasoline through a brass strainer, the fineness of which primarily determines the cleanliness of the entire fuel system. Inserting S&B filters into the supply hose will greatly increase the reliability and life of your injectors.
If you don’t have any fuel hose filter inserted on your bike, you can use our kit including two high quality galvanized hose clamps.

Both versions of the filters (large and small) fit under the tank so they can be mounted covertly, a simple rule of thumb for mounting applies here – the larger filter will be more work, the smaller one less :c)
Personally I change the fuel filter along with the oil and plugs, that way I know I’m always giving the bike the best.

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Palivový filtr B&S – 75µm (nejmenší), Palivový filtr B&S – 40µm (menší), Palivový filtr B&S – 20µm (větší), Palivový filtr B&S – 75µm (nejmenší) + spony, Palivový filtr B&S – 40µm (menší) + spony, Palivový filtr B&S – 20µm (větší + spony