Oil and Oil Filter (R-E 650)


MOTUL oil, BOSCH oil filters and BOSCH spark plugs are designed for Royal Enfield TWIN 650 Interceptor/Continental GT.

The oils, filters and spark plugs are intended for replacement in stock and slightly modified R-E TWIN 650 engines.


MOTUL oils are among the best you can give your motorcycle. For the R-E TWIN 650 we offer them in two variants:
– standard, semi-synthetic Motul 5100 in the prescribed viscosity of 10W-50.
– the better, fully synthetic Motul 7100, also in the prescribed viscosity of 10W-50

In addition, we can recommend BOSCH oil filters. These filters are made specifically for motorcycles and ATVs and, in addition to the filter material, great emphasis is placed on quality and the correct pressure valve values so that your engine always receives the best care.

We also have oil change kits available for you, containing, in addition to your choice of MOTUL oil and BOSCH oil filter at a discounted price, a drain bolt gasket. So you get everything you need for an oil change in one package.
We also offer an oil change kit extended with BOSCH iridium spark plugs, so everything you need for post-season service or service after 10k miles.

Again, we use MOTUL oils on our race bikes.
We recommend BOSCH filters and spark plugs not only because of the high quality of the products, but also because of the long history of the brand – as is the case with Royal Enfield.

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